Thursday, February 28, 2013

I'll be gone for a few days.

Hey guys.  I'm going to All State Band!  ^^

So yeah, I'll be gone until this Sunday afternoon.  But I got to get out of school early, so yay!

I would have made this post last night, but the season premiere of my favorite (or one of my favorite) shows was on last night.  (Psych)  So that's what I was doing last night.

And just a heads up, my Macbook recently stopped working, so we took it into the Apple Store, and I'm writing this on my mom's laptop.  The only other computer we have is this really slow old Dell desktop, and it can't even open the Internet, it's so slow.  So unless we can fix my Mac, you might see a somewhat smaller amount of posts for a bit.

Hopefully it's just my battery, so I don't lose all my stuff. 

If my mom isn't using it, I might be able to make a post/some comments here and there this weekend, but just not much.

Oh, and OoS and OoA were officially released in Japan yesterday.

So yeah, well..... :P  I don't know what to say now.  I wanted to say something else but I forgot.....

Oh, and here's another thing I found from Zelda Dungeon: for those of you 3DS owners, people are speculating that OoS and OoA might be released for the U.S. on May 14th, as they were originally released in Japan on February 27th, exactly 12 years before they were released for the 3DS.  So, since these games came out on May 14th 12 years ago, Nintendo might release them on their 12th anniversary for the U.S. as well.

Anyway, I'm really excited for WW Wii U and all that, and hopefully we get a release date soon.


Sunday, February 24, 2013

I'm back on Zelda Dungeon!!!

As you might know, I've been blocked from commenting on Zelda Dungeon for some time, for whatever reason.  Well, now, after e-mailing Mases a few times, I can now comment again!!!  Yay!!!  So yeah, see you in the comments there.

Also, if there is anyone out there reading this, please, leave a comment below!  I would love to know if any other people are reading my blog.  I have now enabled anonymous commenting (didn't know how before), so you can comment without having an account!  Just type your comment and select "Comment as: Anonymous".

Thanks!  ^-^

Thursday, February 21, 2013

I'm Back! (Can't think of a better name...)

Sorry, again, that I've been gone for so long, but I've been quite busy, and there just really hasn't been much Zelda stuff going on.

When there is less Zelda stuff, this blog becomes a little more about me.  Just saying.  Because, you know, there's kinda nothing much else to write about.

Well, today it was announced that Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons are both coming to the 3DS eShop!  Sadly, I can't get them, as I don't have a 3DS.  But anyway, these are the VERY LAST Zelda games to come to the newest (excluding Wii U) consoles!  (3DS or Wii.)  They're also the last Zelda games to come out on a second console.  LoZ, AoL, and ALttP came out on Wii Virtual Console.  LA is on 3DS.  OoT and MM are on Virtual Console.  WW could be played on Wii, FS came out for 3DS, FSA could be played on Wii, MC on 3DS, TP on Wii, PH and ST on 3DS, and SS on Wii.  And now the Oracles, too!!!

And also, I just realized something.

Something big.

You know the Zelda manga, right?  And the manga in the back of Hyrule Historia?

And you know who wrote it, write?  (Pun intended XD)

Well, the name is Akira Himekawa, which you might already know.

And I just found out Akira Himekawa IS ACTUALLY TWO PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry if I'm slow, and everyone already knew this, but I just found out last night when I reread the Skyward Sword manga in H.H.

So yeah, it's the pseudonym (you know, pen name, like Dr. Seuss) of two female manga artists.  Weird, huh?  No?  ...okay.

Speaking of Hyrule Historia, the writers over at Zelda Dungeon have just found out about that medallion error in Hyrule Historia.  You know, the one I posted about a while back?

Well, I'm sorta proud.  Because it took them almost a month XD

And I found out 2 days after it came out, only 1 day after I got it.  YAY, I'M OBSERVANT!  :D

Check out the ZD article here:

Speaking of Zelda Dungeon, I'm still trying to work out that commenting problem.  I'm quite sure it's a bug in Disqus, but for the past few weeks (maybe a month), I've been blocked from commenting.  I've been e-mailing Mases to see what the problem is, and I hope it gets worked out soon, so I can come back soon and fulfill my goal of being top commenter!  I'm third right now.

(You're on, baileygirl99!  XD )

Too bad this had to happen.  I'm losing my progress.

Speaking of commenting, that reminds me of GenGame, where I can actually STILL comment.  And today they posted about the new PlayStation 4 controller being announced!  Not that I have, or will get, a PlayStation any time soon, what's curious is that the controller has a touch pad.  Not a touch screen, but a touch pad, like on a laptop.

See that touch pad?

Hmm.  This is the third time Sony has copied Nintendo.

First the PSP.  A portable gaming device - with a touch screen.  Okay, to be honest, this one's not really fair, as most people probably assumed that portable gaming devices would end up with touch screens.  But still, Nintendo did it first.

And then the PlayStation Move.  This one is more of an obvious copy.  They had a cylinder-like controller with motion controls - and a wrist strap.  Sound familiar?  :P  "Oh, but it involves a camera, too!  It improved upon Nintendo's idea!"  Yeah... okay.  Sure.

And now, probably the most obvious of them all... a home console that has a controller with touch features.  Seriously, this was probably one of the most unique video game consoles (the Wii U), and the only way Sony could have thought of this is because of Nintendo.

Now, I may sound irritated by this, but I'm really not.  I still can't decide whether this is a complement to Nintendo - or downright unoriginality.

Anyway, after this rather long post, with many words and few pictures, I'd say that's all for today.

Stay tuned, and as always, see you next time!  ;)  (Or sooner, if you comment.  :P)

Monday, February 11, 2013

Wii U System Transfer!

Yeah!  Today I did... just that.

It's where you transfer all your saved data on your Wii to the Wii U.

It was actually very entertaining.  The cutscene that plays when you do it... OH, THE CUTSCENE...

It features Pikmin.  It's pretty freakin' awesome.

Anyway, this plays when the data is being moved off the Wii onto an SD card, and then off the SD card onto the Wii U.

NOTE: At 1:40, the part that plays on the Wii ends.  It then asks you to remove the SD card, and put it into the Wii U.  Once you do this, the second part starts to play (at 1:40).

Isn't that awesome?  It actually made me want to watch save data being transferred.  This is awesome.  All video game consoles should do this.

So yeah, before you start the system transfer, you have to download 2 things.  The first is the "Wii System Transfer Tool" on the Wii U eShop.  It's free.  The second is the "Wii System Transfer Tool" on the Wii Virtual Console.  Same tool, but for the Wii.  You will want to start up both of those.

Follow the instructions on the Wii U one.  Insert the SD card into the Wii U to prepare it for transfer.  When it tells you to, insert the card into the Wii.  The first part of the cutscene will start to play.

When this is done, put the card back into the Wii U.  Then, the second part plays.  And then you're done.

The stuff that does get transferred includes all save data for Wii games, all virtual console games that you had on the Wii, all Miis (the Wii Miis can only be accessed on the Wii home screen and in Wii games), Wii points, Wi-Fi data, and Virtual Console history.

What can't be transferred is Wii settings (who cares) and Gamecube save data (who cares).

Wait, WHAT???  No Gamecube save data?  Well, in case you didn't know, Wii U can't play Gamecube games.  Now, here is a proven fact: This is incredibly stupid.

Another stupid thing is that after this system transfer, ALL save data isn't just copied onto the Wii U, but it is TOTALLY DELETED from the Wii.  Like what the heck, Nintendo?

Now, I have no purpose to keep my Wii, EXCEPT for Gamecube games.  As you probably know, Gamecube save data is saved on a memory card, and not the actual Wii.  Luckily, your Gamecube data won't be deleted off this, or else you couldn't play Gamecube games at all (with your saves).

Yet ANOTHER stupid thing is about the virtual console titles.  For older games, like Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, and A Link to the Past, when you play these on the Wii, it requires a "Wii Classic Controller", or a Gamecube controller.  

Wii Classic Controller

Wii Classic Controller Pro

Well, I, like many other people, never got a Wii Classic Controller (or Pro).  I just used my Gamecube controller.  And since Gamecube games can't be played on Wii U, Gamecube controllers can't connect, either.  So now, I am stuck being unable to play Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask, since they got deleted off my Wii.  LUCKILY, I convinced my parents to let me buy a Wii Classic Controller, for those games (and any other games I decide to get on Virtual Console).  I would have bought a Wii U Pro controller, pictured below, but those don't work with Virtual Console games, as the Virtual Console was for the Wii, not the Wii U.

So yeah, I'm buying a controller for just 2 games.  But hey, they're Zelda, so it's worth it.  I was able to find a Wii Classic Controller for 15 dollars, so I'm buying that with some of my leftover Christmas money.

Anyway, I'd say it was still worth the transfer, as now I don't have to go to an entire different console to play Wii games.  But it's still kind of sad to see my Wii all empty, with no saves on any games... (except Gamecube).

So yeah, that's what happened today.  See you later.  Bye.   :)

Thursday, February 7, 2013


Sorry, not really much to post about.  At all.

Except for the fact that Hyrule Historia is still the #1 most popular book on Amazon, which it's been for a while.  I think that's pretty awesome, and it'll probably get more people to know about Zelda.  And stuff.

Oh yeah, in the Minish Cap, I'm in the middle of the Sky Palace (I think that's what it's called).  Just saying.

And right now, I'm also playing (in order I will finish them):

1. New Super Mario Bros. U
2. Darksiders 2
3. Okami
4. Ocarina of Time (finishing my re-playthrough that I started ages ago)
5. Skyward Sword (finishing hero mode)
6. And then I might play Twilight Princess again.  IDK.

I really don't know why I just listed that.  I just don't really have anything to say right now.

Other than that I will be gone starting tomorrow (Friday) and all through Saturday.  I have District Band (french horn).  Just so you know I won't be here for 2 days.

That's all for now........................................................yeah.  Bye!


Monday, February 4, 2013

I'm Back

Sorry I've been gone for a while (well, for a little bit).  I've been reading Hyrule Historia, and also doing a bunch of schoolwork.  Anyway, I'm on to the manga in the back of the book, and it's really good.  This isn't much of a post, since I can't really think of anything to say.

Other than that I really love Skyward Sword.  I kind of just realized that.  I liked it before, but just recently realized how awesome it is.  I'm going to replay it now, after I finish Minish Cap.  (Yeah, I've been playing that on the side.)

So yeah.  Hopefully all of you all's copies of H.H. have arrived by now (if you ordered it), and if not, then there is a serious problem with the mail deliveries.  And you'll probably get it soon.

Oh, on a side note, there is a rumor going around that the PS4's controller will have a touch pad (not screen).  This is kind of the second time Sony will have copied Nintendo, first with the Playstation Move.

And, Disqus is being stupid.  I'm trying to comment on Zeldadungeon, but it won't let me.  It says "You do not have permission to post on this thread."  But I can still comment everywhere else.  Occasionally, it will let me leave a comment, but that's like 1 in 30 times.  I hope this gets fixed.  So if you're wondering why I'm not there (OK, I know you're not), then it's because of this stupid bug.  It really gets annoying when I type a super long, detailed comment, and it won't let me post it.  But now I'll stop complaining, and just hope it will get fixed.

That's all for now.  Bye!

P.S. I'm getting really far in New Super Mario Bros. U.  If you haven't gotten it, you should.  (If you have Wii U, that is.)  Now for real, bye.  :P