Monday, June 24, 2013

I've Got a Lot To Do.

First of all, yes, I know I said I'd post last week, but I was recently in Colorado for a funeral.  So now I'm back home, and I'm posting now.

Alright.  So, I promised to give my feedback on the Nintendo E3 announcements.  Sadly, that'll have to wait, as I don't have much time right now.

Aaaaaannnnnddddd... I also promised a very long time back that I'd show you the Zelda video.  Well, I sort of forgot.  No... I was just feeling too lazy to keep working on it at the time.  You see, it was coming along nicely, and then, for whatever reason, the software glitched out and it mixed up all the (100s of) clips.  So I had to somehow put them back in order.  And... I didn't feel like doing that, as it's a pain and a half, so I kind of stopped.  But don't worry, I'm working on it now, and I'll have it up as soon as possible I can get these stupid clips sorted out.

Annnnnndddddddddddddddddddddd... I also mentioned the race I would be doing against my friend in Ocarina of Time.

Gladly, I will be able to talk about this in this post.

So... let me first mention that he's been playing Ocarina of Time since he was about 5, and I started playing in late 2011.  So he's more experienced.  Fortunately for me, I also have a much better memory, so I can memorize all the details of the temples and sidequests.

Alright.  So, first I'll explain the rules.  Or, rather, the point system we're using.

We've broken down the game into sections.  Each main section will be worth 5 points.  Whoever finishes that section first gets the 5 points.  Although, there are 4 minor (sidequest) sections, which are worth 3 points each.

We've made all heart pieces and gold skulltulas optional, though you get one point for every 4 heart pieces (full heart containers) you collect, and one point for every 10 gold skulltulas.

Here are the sections that we've created:

1) Start of game - End of Deku Tree
2) End of Deku Tree - End of Dodongo's Cavern
3) End of Dodongo's Cavern - End of Lord Jabu-Jabu
     a) Minor section (3 points): All of mask sidequest - becoming an adult
4) Become an adult - End Forest Temple
5) End Forest Temple - End Fire Temple
6) End Fire Temple - End Ice Cavern & Unfreezing King Zora
7) End King Zora - End Water Temple
     b) Minor section (3 points): Biggoron's Sword sidquest
8) End Water Temple - End The Well
9) End The Well - End Shadow Temple
10) End Shadow Temple - End Spirit Temple
     c) Minor section (3 points): Gerudo Training Grounds
     d) Minor section (3 points): Minigames (Slingshot shooting range, bombchu bowling, bow shooting range, Gerudo target practice)
11) Ganon's Castle (10 points)


So far we've finished the Water Temple.

Here's the score:

Me:  35   My friend: 17

Heh heh... sorry... I just find that kind of pathetic... XD

He's always saying "I know Ocarina of Time like the back of my hand!"

I just find that kind of funny.  The only things he's beaten me in were the Deku Tree and the Ice Cavern.  I have to tell you, I messed up SOOO badly in the Ice Cavern.

Alright.  So there I was, going along, but for some stupid reason, I decided to use only 2 bottles to carry Blue Fire, while he was using 3.  I've always used 2 in the past, so no big deal, right?

Wrong.  Oh, how utterly wrong I was.

I came up to the block puzzle in the Ice Cavern.  You know what I'm talking about, right?  That mildly annoying ice-pushing block puzzle?  Yeah.  So, I gather all the silver rupees in the room, and I'm still barely beating my friend.  But, wait... the door didn't open...  Oh, there's that silver rupee that's in red ice that I have to melt!  Got it.  So I pushed the block all around the room to get there, only to find I had no blue fire left.  My friend's already moved on.  No big deal, I can still catch up, right?

Uh... wrong again.

Instead of getting the blue fire in that room that you can jump up to with the ice block, I just had to be stupid and go all the way back to the first room in which you get blue fire.  Don't ask me why.  This time, though, I got 3 bottles full, just in case.  So I went back to the Ice Puzzle, and my friend's just defeated Wolfos.  Crap.  Well, at least I'm close, right?  If I can get back to King Zora before he does...

So I melt the ice around the rupee, open the door, grab a third bottle of blue fire, melt more red ice, and enter the Wolfos room.  My friend just finished the cutscene talking to Sheik.   I quickly defeat the Wolfos and learn the Serenade of Water, and I'm dashing back to King Zora.

Somehow my friend's stupid and he falls in the water a bunch because he's trying to get that one heart piece on the ice in the pond, so I catch up.  It's really close, we're running into King Zora, and I put down my blue fire just a split second before him.

But... what's that?


Yes, that's right.  Somehow, in all of my stupidity, I missed with the blue fire.  It engulfed the floor in blue flame, but then it dwindled down, and King Zora was still frozen.

So, my friend won this part, but I still have one extra bottle of blue fire that I grabbed earlier.  Good thing I did that.  So, I opened the bottle... and...

I missed again.


Who does that?!

Seriously, does anyone else have that problem, or am I the only one who fails repeatedly at the seemingly easiest stuff?


Anyway, I went back into the Ice Cavern, grabbed a full 3 bottles just to be sure, and went back out and melted his ice stuff.

Well, that's my story of the Ice Cavern.  I hate ice-themed places in video games.  No, that's an understatement.  I absolutely loathe them.  I heard the Water Temple was originally going to be the Ice Temple, and that's why the medallion has a snowflake, and why the water place in Ganon's Castle is icy (I hate that place, too).  I am SO glad that they changed it.  I honestly could not stand an entire ice-themed temple in OoT.  No matter how annoying the Water Temple can be, I'd pick 20 Water Temples over an Ice Temple.  Now that I say it, though, I've actually found the Water Temple to be pretty easy lately.  I've memorized what to do, so I find it pretty straightforward.  More so than I used to, at least.

Well, that's all for today's post.  I promise (no surprise funerals this time) that I'll post soon on my thoughts on E3, and hopefully I can finish that video sometime soon.  Bye!  :)

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Back from Camp!!! Oh, and E3, too.

Hi.  I've got a lot of catching up to do.  Well, technically, I already did it, so I should say I had a lot of catching up to do.  Ugh.  There's nothing like summer camp to teach you patience.  I was looking forward to getting home and seeing what's been announced all week.  I couldn't stop thinking about it.

First off, we have the Wind Waker HD.  The trailer's here:

Yeah!   I think it looks great compared to the original.  I'm glad the characters don't look so plastic-ey, like they did in the original screenshots.

(If you're wondering why my post is so haphazard, it's because I'm REALLY, REALLY tired right now.  I've gotten about 6 hours of sleep each night for the past week, and about 3 last night.  So, please excuse any lack of energy or grammar mistakes.  I'll be better tomorrow.  :)    )

So... next is A Link to the Past 2... or should I say A Link Between Worlds!?  Um... yeah.  You all know this by now, but I just found out.  It's called A Link Between Worlds.  I'm even more excited about this now after the new gameplay we saw here:

Not much story-wise, but at least we got to see some new gameplay and areas.  I also saw this video of a demo being played at E3.  So, you know that dungeon that looks a LOT like the Tower of Hera?  In the orignal reveal?  Well, if you walk outside the entrance of that dungeon, it is actually in the exact same location of the Eastern Palace.  That's kind of strange to me.  Then again, it is just a demo, so it may not look like that in the final product.

Another thing to point out: when it shows the title of the game in the video next to the Triforce, there is also a black upside-down Triforce underneath the regular Triforce, like a shadow.  Do you think this represents some kind of evil power or force?  Maybe the Dark World?  Or is it totally unrelated altogether?  Let me know what you think in the comments.

Another thing to point out, it's not a direct sequel.  It's been revealed that it's about a generation after ALttP.

And I'm glad it's not called ALttP 2.  That's like if MM were called Ocarina of Time 2.  It'd be strange.

Lastly, we've got SSB!!!  I'm not sure if it's gonna be called SSB 4, or if "Super Smash Bros. for 3DS" and "Super Smash Bros. for Wii U" are going to be the official names.  Or maybe something other than those.  Again, tell me what you thnk.  Here's the trailer:

Yay!!!  It has the Villager from Animal Crossing, and now it's also been showed that it has Mega Man and the... umm.... Wii Fit Trainer Girl?  Yeah... okay then.

Anyway, I'm super excited for this game.

But wait!  What's that?  Link's face... OH!  Yeah.  What the heck is up with Link's face?  Sometimes he looks awesome, but other times he looks like this...

What?  I don't know... he just looks kind of like a jerk.  If you can even tell if someone is a jerk from their face.  It's just... something's off.  Awww, and there's cute little Kirby in the background, too...  ^^

They also announced the next 3D Mario game (which looks AMAZING!  I'm certainly getting it.)  It's called Super Mario 3D World (which is kind of unoriginal, in my opinion, coming right after Super Mario 3D Land).

And also Mario Kart 8.  I'm gonna get that too.

You can find those trailers somewhere on YouTube or GenGAME.  I might just make a post on my thoughts on them later, as well.

I'll definitely be back sometime later this (next, really) week to post my thoughts on ALBW, WWHD, and SSBF3DS&WU.  I'll let you figure that last acronym out for yourself.

Oh, and I'll either be starting my little versus OoT thingy with my friend tomorrow, Monday, or Wednesday.  I'll post the rules later, and I'll give you the results as we go along.

See you later... and hopefuly I'll be more awake and enthusiastic then..  Bye!  ;)

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Happy Birthday to me...

Well, it's my birthday.

And I got a 3DS XL!

It's the red and black model, and I also got OoT 3D with it!  I'm going to get Mario Kart 7 and Kid Icarus: Uprising next, with some Gamestop giftcards.

Now... about the video... I'm really close, but my computer's been having some hard drive issues, so I've been having to take it in and it keeps turning off for no reason.  (I'm having to copy the text in this post every couple sentences to make sure I don't lose it.)

So, E3's next week, but sadly, I'll be off at camp.  I won't be able to see the new stuff they reveal, but I'll find it when I get back.  I'll be back Saturday afternoon, about a week from now.  I hate that I'll be the last one to find out about (hopefully) the new Zelda games, but... oh well.  I'll still post about it when I get back.

Oh, and, another thing I'm gonna do when I get back:  I'm going to race OoT against my friend who also has a 3DS!  It'll be fun.  I hope.  I'll tell you the results anyway.  Oh, and in the next post, I'll tell you how we're scoring it.

On another note, did you know they have Chicken & Waffles flavored Lay's chips?  Ugh.  They don't taste too great.  Actually, they taste horrible, so I don't even know why I included the word "great" in that sentence.

Well, hopefully my computer will be all fixed by the time I get back, so I can finally finish the video and show it to you all.

Until then, bye.  :)