How I got started with Zelda

When I was about six, I got a Gameboy Advance with a copy of Minish Cap for Christmas.  I tried playing it, but at the time, I couldn't get very far.  I got stuck at the forest temple (Deepwood Shrine).  Hey, I was only six, so I gave up for a while.  A couple years later, I found out that my uncle likes Zelda, so I remembered back on my game and asked him for help.  He helped me through that one part, which turned out to be quite easy after all, and I got through the rest of the game fairly easy once I was older.  I then went on to replay it 3 times.  That's how I found out about Zelda.

Last updated: December 2013

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  1. *sigh/smile* the minish cap will always be in my top 10.