Thursday, February 28, 2013

I'll be gone for a few days.

Hey guys.  I'm going to All State Band!  ^^

So yeah, I'll be gone until this Sunday afternoon.  But I got to get out of school early, so yay!

I would have made this post last night, but the season premiere of my favorite (or one of my favorite) shows was on last night.  (Psych)  So that's what I was doing last night.

And just a heads up, my Macbook recently stopped working, so we took it into the Apple Store, and I'm writing this on my mom's laptop.  The only other computer we have is this really slow old Dell desktop, and it can't even open the Internet, it's so slow.  So unless we can fix my Mac, you might see a somewhat smaller amount of posts for a bit.

Hopefully it's just my battery, so I don't lose all my stuff. 

If my mom isn't using it, I might be able to make a post/some comments here and there this weekend, but just not much.

Oh, and OoS and OoA were officially released in Japan yesterday.

So yeah, well..... :P  I don't know what to say now.  I wanted to say something else but I forgot.....

Oh, and here's another thing I found from Zelda Dungeon: for those of you 3DS owners, people are speculating that OoS and OoA might be released for the U.S. on May 14th, as they were originally released in Japan on February 27th, exactly 12 years before they were released for the 3DS.  So, since these games came out on May 14th 12 years ago, Nintendo might release them on their 12th anniversary for the U.S. as well.

Anyway, I'm really excited for WW Wii U and all that, and hopefully we get a release date soon.



  1. I hope you do good! It's a competition right? I wish my school's band was good enough to go to a big competition ^~^" well, tell me how you did when you get back!

    1. Well, it's sorta a competition... I actually did a competition to get in to this, so sorta. Not to brag or anything, but I was the only person from my school who did this, so my school doesn't really do it either. ^-^