Who am I?

I am Linkfan99.  That is my real name, which I was born with.

I'm kidding, I'm kidding. I sure got you there, didn't I? Heh...

It's my Blogger/ZeldaDungeon name.  That was pretty funny, huh?  Yeah.  I can see you cracking up. Don't try to hide it.

I'm a guy, I live in the U.S., in some unnamed state called Georgia, and I'm into reading, writing, music, art, and sports. More running and swimming than any other sports.  And some baseball.  Not much.

I like Zelda, but I grew up with Mario Kart.  I was obsessed until about age 7 or 8, and then I got into Zelda.  My uncle introduced me, and he's still a huge fan. He's pretty awesome.  :P

I've got a few friends who like Zelda too.  Okay, a few more than a few, but still a few.  If that makes any few amounts of sense whatsoever.

And I'm done.  I can't think of anything else about me.  So yeah, go read the other stuff now.  Bye.

Last updated: February 2013

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  1. I also blog about the games I play. It just gives you something to do. You sound like a much younger fellow than I but as an older man I never grew out of my childhood for flying model aircraft from those hovering helicopters indoors to kites. Kites fly outdoors is what I like to do but was very disappointed with the RC outdoor helicopters. But the drones do fly and I will take it up. Up up and away I say will make my day in a big about way!