Sunday, July 21, 2013

Off to Camp

Hey, everyone... um... I'm leaving tomorrow.

And sadly, I didn't get to play Four Swords Adventures, because something came up.  But it's rescheduled for 2 weeks from now, so hopefully that'll work out!

And... not much more to say...

I'll be back in 2 weeks, but maybe I'll get in a short post after 1 week.

Wow, this is a short post.  All I really wanted to say was that I didn't get to play FSA, and goodbye, so...  :P


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

E3 Reactions - Super Smash Bros. 4

Hey everyone, I'm back!

And I'll be covering my thoughts on Super Smash Bros. for 3DS and Wii U.

My first impression is that this game looks great.  New characters, new stages, HD, and more.

But it's coming to two platforms.  Cool, right?  I'll probably only get one version.

But, wait... there are different stages for each version..... hrm.... that means either way I'll be missing out...  Unless I get both...

Gerudo Valley.  I WANT THIS.

But... I want this too...

Yeah.  If you haven't guessed already, that's my main only gripe with the game.  I don't want to have to buy both, but I'll be missing out if I don't.

I wish they'd include all stages in both versions, but... meh.  Oh well.  I guess I'll just get both.

Now we have the new characters.  The Villager, Megaman, and...

Yeah.  The Wii Fit Trainer.

Of ALL characters they could have chosen, I think this is by far the most hilarious.  Oh, wow.  I mean, just look at this:


I haven't played Brawl in a while.  I'll need to practice some more, because I heard the online in SSB4 is going to be much better than Brawl's.

Alright, that's about all I can think of for today...

Oh!  I thought I'd give you all some advanced notice this time... I'm gone to camp for two weeks in a row, starting next week.  Sorry!  Hopefully I can get a (short) post in during the 12 hours between camps.  But then I'll be back for two weeks, and then school starts again.  And I've got a HECK of a lot of summer reading to catch up on.  I've been spending way too much time on Miiverse/Majora's Mask/Oracle of Seasons/at friends' houses.

Oh, and speaking of friend's houses, this Thursday/Friday I'm going to my friend's house (the one I've talked about before) to play Four Swords Adventures with him, me, my OTHER friend who I haven't talked about before, and my original friend's cousin.  You know what?  I really need to give them names.  I don't want to use their real names... hrmmm....

Alright.  The OoT racing/Four Swords Adventures at his house friend will be called... um...  Luke?  Yeah, I guess.  I'll call him Luke.  And I even don't know Luke's cousin's real name, soo... I'll leave him out for now.  And the friend who I haven't talked about will be called... Jackson.  Alright, those are my friends from now on.  XD

As I was saying, Jackson owns a copy of Four Swords Adventures, so we're each bringing our GBAs to Luke's house so we can play Four Swords Adventures on Luke's Gamecube.  Whew.

Long story short, I'll finally get a chance to play it!  That being said, we probably won't finish it, since it's a pretty long game, so I'm actually thinking of buying a copy myself.  Somewhere in the future.  Along with Four Swords for the GBA, since it's (sadly) not available on the 3DS eshop anymore.

And that's all for now.  Until next time, Linkfan.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

I'm Sorry!!!


Alright, long story short:  Whenever I try to export the video, the software crashes.  Every.  Time.  D:

It's all done and everything, but until I can get this sorted out, I guess I'll have to put the video on hold.  I wish I could share it with you all, but it's stuck in the stupid application on my computer until I can successfully export it!  I'll keep trying, and I'll try to find a solution somewhere.

The last day or so, I've been watching Zeldathon on and off here.  This time they're playing Zelda for 5 days straight to raise money for the National Foundation of Transplants.  Sadly, I'll miss the end, but so far they've played AoL, OoT, OoT MQ, FSA, and they're starting MM.  So check that out if you want.

Oh, and some other unexpected (for you) news:  I'm leaving tomorrow for a week.  For another camp.  I should have told you earlier, but I kind of forgot to... sorry... heh...

Um... yeah.  I was gonna do the SSB4 reaction post today, but I have to go finish packing.  I'm really sorry!  You'll just have to wait a week.  I'll be back late Saturday, so I'll post then or Sunday.  So... see you all in a week!  Hopefully then I can get this dumb video to upload.  Bye.  :/

Monday, July 1, 2013

E3 Reactions - The Wind Waker HD


In the next few posts I'm going to go over what we saw at E3, what I liked, why I liked it, what I didn't like, why I didn't like it, and so on.

Here we have the Wind Waker.

Alright.  I am very excited for this remake.  Very.

That being said, it wouldn't have been my top choice of a remake, if I had the choice.  Which I should.  Nintendo, I should have the choice.


Which Zelda game would I have preferred, you ask?

Majora's Mask.  Majora's Mask 3D, to be exact.  Let's be honest, while Wind Waker looks great in HD, the original game still looks great.  In my opinion, at least.  They haven't aged a bit.  Majora's Mask, on the other hand...

It's not too bad, but it's like Ocarina of Time.  It could use an update.

And I'd rather have MM 3D than HD, because, well...

Here's what'll happen:

The OoT fans will be all mad that the MM fans got an HD remake with a brand new console and they only got a handheld release, so they'll start "Operation Time Travel" or something.  Then if they get that, the MM fans will be all sad that they only got one remake, whereas OoT got two, so they'll wanna be on 3DS too.  Now, given that it would probably stop after the MM release, as Nintendo (hopefully) wouldn't remake the same game within 2 years of each release for two separate consoles.

Plus, it'd be more convenient for MM, because if you've played, you know the saving system is a little... inconvenient.  So instead of having to find an owl statue or play the Song of Time and lose your items to save and stop playing, you could just close the 3DS.  Simple.

Again, that's just my preference, so tell me what you would want.

Nevertheless, I'm still REALLY super-duper excited for WW HD, and I can't wait until it comes out.  

And then there's this...

I REALLY wish they'd included the Tingle Tuner!  I mean, the Tingle Bottle's cool and all, but it's just not the same...  I never had the connector to connect the GBA to the GC, so I couldn't ever use it.  D:

Oh, and aren't there also some figurines that you can't get without the Tingle Tuner? I think there were...  I guess they'll just have to change those around.

All that being said, the Tingle Bottle still looks like an interesting feature, and I'll be interested to see how it's implemented further into the game.

Some of you probably also heard that they're adding a new feature to speed up sailing, since so many people complained about the slow sailing in the original WW.  I never had a problem with it, so I don't really care.  Still it might be useful.

On a side note, whenever I got bored when I was sailing all the way to the other side of the ocean, I'd just turn up the TV volume, close my eyes, and listen to the music.  I've always loved the Great Sea Theme.

And... I'm probably forgetting something, but at the time that's all I can remember that's different.

Something that I wish they'd include is the cut dungeons from the original game, but they've explained a reason why they didn't, and I guess it's valid.

What's that reason?  Um... I don't really remember... XD  I just remember thinking that it made sense, even though I was mildly disappointed.

Tell me what you all think about the Wind Waker HD!  Are you excited?  I know I am!  Is there another remake you'd rather see, or just an original game altogether?  

That's all for now, and I'll be back really soon (Like, tomorrow soon.  Yeah, that soon.  :O ) to tell my thoughts on A Link Between Worlds!