Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Oracle of Ages Review!

Okay.  Before I get started, I just want to clarify something: this isn't actually a "review".  I chose that for the title due to lack of a better word.  I'm pretty much just going to be giving my thoughts on the game, and what I liked and didn't like.

Oh, that's what a review is, huh?  Well... whatever.

Really quickly, just wanted to put this out there: there's an eshop sale on Zelda games going on this week.  LoZ, AoL, and LA are all reduced price on the 3DS and Wii U eshops (LA only on 3DS).  I got LoZ and AoL for Wii U, and LA on my 3DS.  And then I'm getting an Oracle of Seasons download code with my ALBW preorder, so I'll just be forced to buy Oracle of Ages.  Then, aside from Four Swords Adventures, I'll legally own all Zelda games!!!  :D

Anyway, to start off, I have to say I enjoyed Oracle of Ages a bit more than Oracle of Seasons.  I'll kind of talk about both of them here, but more so Oracle of Ages, partly because I enjoyed it more, and partly because it's fresher in my mind.  That's why I titled this post how I did... which is kind of self-explanatory... yeah.

This is also probably a bit biased, since I played Ages linked and Seasons regular, and that adds a bit more story, but whatever.  This is my blog.  :P

So, I just want to get this out there...


And I never knew?

Haha.  It's not really apparent what's going on at first.  You see Zelda get close to Link, then she kisses him on the cheek, then turns away and blushes and Link goes all trippy and wobbly and stuff.

"trippy and wobbly and stuff"...  Well, that sounded stupid.

Anyway, as for the rest of the game, I really enjoyed the story.

So, Veran (the villain) possesses Nayru (the oracle) and goes back in time.  Link follows them and they meet Queen Ambi, and Nayru advises Ambi.  Ambi *was* a nice queen, according to the people of the village, but since Nayru came, she's become cruel.  She was building a tower to look for her lover, who had apparently gotten lost at sea, or something.  Maybe he left her.  I can't really remember all of it.  Perhaps I procrastinated a bit too long in writing this post.

Favorite cutscene :O

Anyway, the villagers were working on this, but when Nayru came, Ambi is making them work nonstop, because possessed Nayru made an "endless day", so the workers can never rest.  Ambi's Tower is now called the Black Tower, and its purpose is to make Ambi go down in history as the greatest queen ever.  Or something.

And Link follows Veran into the past, and at some point in the game, he confronts her, beats Veran, and frees Nayru, but then Veran possesses Ambi herself.

As for all of you who've played the game, sorry for boring you with that extensive dialogue.  Assuming you're still reading.

The story kind of goes bland from there (until the end), but it's better than Oracle of Seasons' "Onox took Din and is messing up the seasons so go kill him.  But after collecting these eight essences of nature to make a tree happy so the tree will give you a seed that protects you from dark powers."  Or something.

Oh, and then Zelda makes a few appearances throughout the game (since it was linked), including a mini-dungeon where you had to save her from the half-built Black Tower.  Oh, and *spoilers* Twinrova from the ending of the previous game show up throughout the game to... taunt you.  That's about it.

Umm... so, yeah!  The dungeons were cool, and... oh, and Crescent Island.  You get all your items taken away, ala Skyward Sword's Song of the Hero quest.  Although I suppose this game came first... meh.  It was fun either way.

Oh!  Zora's Village was fun too.  Because it was underwater.  Which automatically makes it cool.  Because it had underwater glowy-lamps.  :)

Needless to say, I enjoyed Oracle of Seasons, too, but I remember this more clearly.  They're both good games.

One last thing I have to say, is I really love finding secrets in the linked game.  You'll find a secret cave with someone that says something along the lines of "Tell my friend so-and-so in Holodrum about so-and-so secret.  [Insert absurdly long string of random characters and shapes here]".  Then, you go to the other game, tell the person the secret, get an item and another secret, and use that second absurdly long string of random characters to take the item back to the other game.  My favorites were the Biggoron Sword and bombchus.

On an entirely different note, A Link Between Worlds is here in 4 days!!!  And I'm starting to really want Wind Waker HD, but I've decided to wait until Christmas.

That's all I have to say for now, but I'll make a post on ALBW release date.  I'm driving to the store right after school to get it.  And then I have a weeklong Thanksgiving break!

See you soon.

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