Thursday, March 14, 2013

I've been gone for a reason.

Well, two, actually.

The first is exactly this - there has been nothing Zelda related at all.  Like, seriously.  N O T H I N G.

I mean, Miyamoto said that "Zelda Wii U is coming, but will take time", but that's about it, and that's kind of obvious already.  Late 2014 sounds like a long time away to me.  If it'll even be out by then.

The second reason is that I've been really busy.  Very busy.  And this won't stop any time soon.  About a week ago, I was about to make a post, and then I'm like..... no.  So I didn't, and I didn't get another chance until now.  And next week is my school trip, and the next week is spring break.  So I'm kinda busy for the time being.

Anyway, this is kind of just a filler article, not much here.... but I needed to say something.

See ya next time!  Bye!  ._.


  1. hrm...knowing this information, I should probably stop checking for new posts every day...and I don't like how Miyamoto just says "Zelda Wii U soon" I need a LITTLE more info. oh well...and also, do you know anything about the newest Super Smash Bros.?? I'm so excited, mainly bcacuse I read that it wiil be for 3DS AND Wii U!! Yay!!!
    Bye now!

    1. Haha.... yeah, sorry if I disappointed you, but I'll be posting back on a regular basis after...... well, the next 2 weeks. So after this week and the next one. But really, there's like NOTHING going on about Zelda.... except now we know the Oracles for 3DS will be out before summer. ^^ But yeah... I'm around for today and tomorrow and then I'm off for Washington, D.C. For mah trip. So yeah.

      And the Super Smash Bros. game, I heard it was gonna be called "Super Smash Bros. Universe", but that might just be a rumor. I'm excited too, and I think you can play as Skull Kid, but again, that might be a rumor.

      Oh, and I'll probably post like every 3 days or something after these weeks.... if I can think of something to write. XD


    2. I think you're gonna like this...

      In the picture I see Mario, SS Link, Yoshi, Pikachu, Rosalina from S.M. Galaxy, Donkey Kong, Pit, Debbie (Ghirahim XD), Knuckles from Sonic, Baby Mario, Bowser Junior, OSHAWOTT!!!!!!!!! :D, and a bunch others that I don't feel like listing.

      And on the back it looks like there's a Skyloft map! *Starts choking on own excitement*