Saturday, June 8, 2013

Happy Birthday to me...

Well, it's my birthday.

And I got a 3DS XL!

It's the red and black model, and I also got OoT 3D with it!  I'm going to get Mario Kart 7 and Kid Icarus: Uprising next, with some Gamestop giftcards.

Now... about the video... I'm really close, but my computer's been having some hard drive issues, so I've been having to take it in and it keeps turning off for no reason.  (I'm having to copy the text in this post every couple sentences to make sure I don't lose it.)

So, E3's next week, but sadly, I'll be off at camp.  I won't be able to see the new stuff they reveal, but I'll find it when I get back.  I'll be back Saturday afternoon, about a week from now.  I hate that I'll be the last one to find out about (hopefully) the new Zelda games, but... oh well.  I'll still post about it when I get back.

Oh, and, another thing I'm gonna do when I get back:  I'm going to race OoT against my friend who also has a 3DS!  It'll be fun.  I hope.  I'll tell you the results anyway.  Oh, and in the next post, I'll tell you how we're scoring it.

On another note, did you know they have Chicken & Waffles flavored Lay's chips?  Ugh.  They don't taste too great.  Actually, they taste horrible, so I don't even know why I included the word "great" in that sentence.

Well, hopefully my computer will be all fixed by the time I get back, so I can finally finish the video and show it to you all.

Until then, bye.  :)


  1. Happy Birthday!!!! Sorry I replied really late. I was at Disneyland and California for the past week :) I just got back tonight.

    I was disappointed that Nintendo didn't announce any Zelda Wii U information. I was really looking forward to that :(

    That's awesome that you got a 3DS!! We should play online Mario Kart 7 or something like that when you get it :)

    And, yes, I've seen the Chicken & Waffles flavored chips, and I decided not to try them. I'm not a fan of food-flavored food... I mean, like weird flavors for food... I dunno... You get what I mean, right?

    Well, at least we know what Zelda 3DS is called!!! A Link Between Worlds! :D

    Well, have a great day!!!

    1. Yes! We should play Mario Kart 7 together! That'd be fun. I'm getting that and Kid Icarus: Uprising soon with some Gamestop giftcards.

    2. Awesome!!!! We should swap friend codes then :)

      I'm warning you, I might not be very good at Mario Kart 7. Well, I guess I am. I just don't like my 3DS very much because it's not an XL, so it kind of hurts (well, actually a lot :D) my hands when I play Mario Kart 7 and other games too much. So it kind of affects my gameplay, but I don't know, I guess I'm good at it :) I haven't played it for a while, though.