Saturday, June 15, 2013

Back from Camp!!! Oh, and E3, too.

Hi.  I've got a lot of catching up to do.  Well, technically, I already did it, so I should say I had a lot of catching up to do.  Ugh.  There's nothing like summer camp to teach you patience.  I was looking forward to getting home and seeing what's been announced all week.  I couldn't stop thinking about it.

First off, we have the Wind Waker HD.  The trailer's here:

Yeah!   I think it looks great compared to the original.  I'm glad the characters don't look so plastic-ey, like they did in the original screenshots.

(If you're wondering why my post is so haphazard, it's because I'm REALLY, REALLY tired right now.  I've gotten about 6 hours of sleep each night for the past week, and about 3 last night.  So, please excuse any lack of energy or grammar mistakes.  I'll be better tomorrow.  :)    )

So... next is A Link to the Past 2... or should I say A Link Between Worlds!?  Um... yeah.  You all know this by now, but I just found out.  It's called A Link Between Worlds.  I'm even more excited about this now after the new gameplay we saw here:

Not much story-wise, but at least we got to see some new gameplay and areas.  I also saw this video of a demo being played at E3.  So, you know that dungeon that looks a LOT like the Tower of Hera?  In the orignal reveal?  Well, if you walk outside the entrance of that dungeon, it is actually in the exact same location of the Eastern Palace.  That's kind of strange to me.  Then again, it is just a demo, so it may not look like that in the final product.

Another thing to point out: when it shows the title of the game in the video next to the Triforce, there is also a black upside-down Triforce underneath the regular Triforce, like a shadow.  Do you think this represents some kind of evil power or force?  Maybe the Dark World?  Or is it totally unrelated altogether?  Let me know what you think in the comments.

Another thing to point out, it's not a direct sequel.  It's been revealed that it's about a generation after ALttP.

And I'm glad it's not called ALttP 2.  That's like if MM were called Ocarina of Time 2.  It'd be strange.

Lastly, we've got SSB!!!  I'm not sure if it's gonna be called SSB 4, or if "Super Smash Bros. for 3DS" and "Super Smash Bros. for Wii U" are going to be the official names.  Or maybe something other than those.  Again, tell me what you thnk.  Here's the trailer:

Yay!!!  It has the Villager from Animal Crossing, and now it's also been showed that it has Mega Man and the... umm.... Wii Fit Trainer Girl?  Yeah... okay then.

Anyway, I'm super excited for this game.

But wait!  What's that?  Link's face... OH!  Yeah.  What the heck is up with Link's face?  Sometimes he looks awesome, but other times he looks like this...

What?  I don't know... he just looks kind of like a jerk.  If you can even tell if someone is a jerk from their face.  It's just... something's off.  Awww, and there's cute little Kirby in the background, too...  ^^

They also announced the next 3D Mario game (which looks AMAZING!  I'm certainly getting it.)  It's called Super Mario 3D World (which is kind of unoriginal, in my opinion, coming right after Super Mario 3D Land).

And also Mario Kart 8.  I'm gonna get that too.

You can find those trailers somewhere on YouTube or GenGAME.  I might just make a post on my thoughts on them later, as well.

I'll definitely be back sometime later this (next, really) week to post my thoughts on ALBW, WWHD, and SSBF3DS&WU.  I'll let you figure that last acronym out for yourself.

Oh, and I'll either be starting my little versus OoT thingy with my friend tomorrow, Monday, or Wednesday.  I'll post the rules later, and I'll give you the results as we go along.

See you later... and hopefuly I'll be more awake and enthusiastic then..  Bye!  ;)


  1. I hope that summer camp was fun, even with all the E3 going on.
    Ugh I had the exact same problem, I had my quarter finals this week so I had to study all week. That's why I decided to avoid all the E3 news and Zelda websites for a while, because I know me, when I hear some awesome news, I can spend a long time watching all the trailers en reading interviews xD
    But it was horrible, I couldn't stop thinking about E3 all week. The worst part was when a guy from my class talked to me about it 'Did you know the new Zelda..'
    And I was like; 'NO!! Don't spoil it!!' Anyway when I finally watched the Nintendo direct, I loved it ^^ It is good to be a Zelda fan at times like this. (And I'm going to attack my wallet for all these awesome games) I love the title A Link between worlds en WW HD looks great ^^ (The only thing that bothers me is Link's look in SSB, in some pictures he looks great, and in some just weird)
    Anyway I'm so excited for this right now ^^

    Oh I'm the worst person ever aren't I, because of my quarter finals I didn't even congratulate you on your birthday. =(
    So happy birthday, I hope you had a great day and have fun with your new 3DS =)

    1. I feel you. It's tough to wait, but in my opinion, that just made the surprise of watching the Nintendo Direct even better.

      Ah, it's fine. I don't expect you to stop studying for finals to tell me happy birthday. :P Thanks, though, and I hope you did well on your quarter finals. :)

  2. I think I'm most excited for A Link Between Worlds. And Wind Waker HD. And Super Smash Bros. And Mario Kart 8. And Super Mario 3D World....Oh, wait. That's everything :D

    I was in California during E3, but my hotel's wifi really sucked, but I finally got to watch all the trailers and all of the Nintendo Direct a few hours after it was all released :) I'm kind of disappointed that some of the games are being released SOOO late. Like, 2014? Really? I was already disappointed at the horrific amount of launch titles for the Wii U back in November (what, there were, like, two 1st party games? I think :D) but, seriously? What are they doing all day? Sitting on their lazy butts? :) Just kidding. Nintendo can take their time. But, still, I think they rushed to launch the Wii U a little bit. They weren't ready, what with the lack of games. But I know everyone will buy a Wii U as soon as all these AMAZING games come out. I am so very excited for Zelda Wii U, even though they haven't announced it yet :'( When I watched the Nintendo Direct last Monday, I almost cried because they didn't release more information about Zelda Wii U. But I hope they do soon :)

    Well, have a great night!!! I guess. :D

    1. I agree. They could have waited plenty of time to release Wii U. After all, the PS4 and XBox One aren't coming out for quite some time, either, from what I've heard. If they'd waited a year, it still would have been released before those other two consoles, AND it would have sold better due to more games at launch. I'm confident it'll pick up eventually, though, like the 3DS did.

    2. Yes, I know it will. As soon as Zelda Wii U is up for pre-orders, Wii U's (is that grammatically correct...?) will sell like crazy. Unless Zelda Wii U looks like crap. Which it won't. Because it's Zelda XD