Thursday, May 9, 2013

Zelda Dungeon Mailbag!

Yay!  My question was on the question mailbag #....



Yeah.  On Zelda Dungeon.  Anyway, that was my first time sending in a question.  I asked something about if there was going to be a second Hyrule Historia.  Something like that.

You can see the video here:

I'm at 10:20.

Note: I do not own this video.  This is the property of Axle the Beast, or whatever his real name is, and Zelda Dun... no, Dungeon Gaming Interprises, LLC Inc. ®   ...Or whatever it's called.

Anyway, what do you think?  Will they eventually release a second Hyrule Historia in the future to cover the games post-Skyward Sword?  Tell me in the comments below!

Or don't.  Whatever, I don't care.  Be that way.

Oh, and my A Link to the Past update:

I'm now in the Dark World dungeon with the 4th maiden/crystal thing.  This boss is hard!  If you haven't played this, basically, you find the boss room early on in the dungeon, but there's... no boss in it.  So you continue to explore, and eventually you find the maiden in the dungeon, and she asks you to take her outside.  "Um... okay.... No boss I guess?"  And when you reach the exit door, she's all like "YOU'RE GOING THE WRONG WAY!"  What the heck princess?  This is the door... to the outside... where you asked me... to take... you...

So she pretty much just follows you around, until you go to the boss room, and there's nothing there, so you've got to go to the room above the boss room and bomb the floor, to let the light shine in the boss room, and take her back down there.  Turns out she's Blind the Thief.  Now, a long time ago, (a really long time.  Like, so long that you won't remember it) you received this one piece of information from this dude in the Light World who says something like "This used to be the lair of the thief named Blind, yo.  Apparently, Blind really hated light, yo Link dawg man wassup."  Now, he didn't really say all that, but I vividly remember a "yo" appearing somewhere in there.

So anyway, it turns out that the maiden is actually Blind, not blind, but Blind, the name, and Blind is incredibly hard.  She's probably not actually blind.  If she is a she.  I doubt it.  Whatever.

So I'm working on that in ALttP, after getting stuck in the Skull Woods dungeon for a long time.  I'm not using a walkthrough for this game.  Period.  Kinda like I didn't with Skyward Sword.  Except this is a lot harder to do without a walkthrough.

So, bye!  See you later.

OH!  PS:  Am I the only one who thinks that they should make the third oracle game?  In case you didn't know, they originally planned to do that, but they cancelled it.  Since Seasons is focused on action and Ages on puzzles, I think they should make a third focused on... I don't know.  Something to do with courage.  That would be cool if they made it as a follow-up game to the game they never made.


  1. That's awesome that he read your question!!! :)

    I think it's possible that they will release a second Hyrule Historia, but if they do, I think it would be released in another 25 years or so because they need to have enough new Zelda games to actually make another book :D I really hope they do, because I LOVE my Hyrule Historia. It really is the Zelda Bible XD

    And I hope they make the third Oracle game!! I'm not quite sure what it could be focused on... I guess I'll think about it for a little bit :)

    Well, have a great night!

    1. Yeah, I'm thinking maybe at the 50th Anniversary. That would be cool, if I have kids in 25 years, I would probably get that for them. That's a weird thought. Having kids that play Zelda. Cool, but weird.

    2. Lol, yeah :) Hopefully they will make another one :) I actually just finished reading the whole entire book yesterday. I know, kind of late to actually finish reading it, but I LOVED the details. They really put a lot of effort into this :) Except the, you know, upside down picture and the switched medallions but it's still amazing :D I was kind of confused about the timeline where Link actually loses... still doesn't make a lot of sense to me :) Because, I mean, Link is the Hero after all. He can't lose!! It just doesn't happen XD

    3. Yeah, I agree, it's an awesome book.

      Wait, what? There's an upside down picture? Where? Do you know what page it's on? I wanna see too! :P

      And for the Downfall Timeline, I know this isn't canon, but this is what I like to tell myself happened:

      After Link beats Ganondorf in human form and the tower starts to crumble, Link and Zelda escape. Then, Ganon doesn't emerge from the tower's ruins, so Zelda sends Link back to the past. Then, Ganon comes out a little later and takes over Hyrule, and Link's not there to stop him. And this would explain why all games following OoT in this timeline have pig Ganon rather than human, since the pig one emerged from the tower's remains. Except for the fact that some of the pig Ganons are a result of a failed resurrection of Ganon, but whatever.

    4. Ah, I really like your interpretation of the Downfall Timeline. I think that's what I'm gonna tell myself, too. :)

      As for the upside down picture, it's on page 121. It has the caption "Vaati" underneath it. You can see that the people in the upper right of the picture are upside down :)

  2. Nice that he read your question ^^ You seem to be the one of the very few who don't ask anything about ALTTP 2
    My answer... I think I'll have to go with Axle's opinion. They might make it a lot clearer in the future, because they can work with the timeline. However seeing how much copies they sold, they might be wanting to make more profit out of this. It's a nice way of bundeling everything about the games (and making the concept art available) So they got some good reasons to do so, then why not?

    Of course you're not the only one, they should definitely make the third one, because it's sad that Farore is the only one without her own game =( And it'll make the trilogy complete.
    Maybe when they remake the Oracle games one day, they should make Mystical seed of courage as a bonus. I mean if the 16-bit ALTTP can get a 3D-sequel then the Oracle games can get their beloved companion, even after so many years.
    Woohoo longest comment from me yet ^^

    1. I didn't ask anything about it because we pretty much know everything there is to know yet. Someone asked about its name, but no one knows that. It's not like Axle works for Nintendo.... *conspiracy theory*

      They better make an Oracle of... Courage? Nah. Something like that, though.

      At least it wasn't Nayru or Din who got left out, because Link kind of represents Farore, seeing as he has the Triforce of Courage. It'd be just dumb if Nayru or Din didn't get a game, because then they wouldn't get a mention at all.