Friday, May 31, 2013

Disappointing Nintendo Direct, Hyrule Historia Error

Note: If you haven't read the previous post yet, read it read it now.

So, apparently I went major derpy, and in fact, the Nintendo Direct today isn't quite the one we (okay, fine... I) thought it was.  It was just a Japan-exclusive Nintendo direct that showed off the games Ace Attorney 5 and Monster Hunter 4.  So if you're into either of those, then you can check them out... somewhere.

But, anyway, on to other stuff.

So, thanks to Rebecca Gulbrandsen, I've discovered another error in Hyrule Historia - an upside down picture!  You can see it here:

(Note:  I detect a 95% chance that this picture will be of very low quality, due to the poor capabilities of my device known as a cellular telephone.)

(I told you it wasn't a good picture.  But hey, the picture's small, and my phone's... not the best...)

Yeah.  If you want to see it, it's on page 121 in the top right corner.  It's a picture of Green Link stabbing down on Vaati, with Blue and Vio standing in the corner, upside-down.

Okay, so now onto the video.  So, I want to apologize, but it's not quite yet done.  But I might as well explain what it is now.  It's just a compilation of all boss fights in every Zelda game, sped up so that it doesn't take 7 hours to watch.  There are actually two videos: one that's sped up 5X, and another to 10X.  Please, do not ask me why I did this, as I have absolutely no idea.  It should be ready by tomorrow (no promises), and I'll upload it to YouTube.

On another slightly random note, I've just decided that Angel Beats is absolutely my favorite anime ever.  I don't watch much anime, so that's probably not saying much, but still... it's really good.  I recommend it.

Now, the first impression may seem kind of anti-God, if you're religious, but trust me, it actually ends up having a really good meaning/moral behind it.

So, um, anyway, be ready for that video!  When it comes... heh heh... :P  


  1. Awh that's too bad =S I'm not interested in those other games, so I guess we have to wait till June 11th. However I'm a patient person (probably because Nintendo likes to let us wait a lot) And seeing all the Wii U news will be worth the wait for sure. (but a little bit sooner would be no problem =P)
    I also don't watch a lot of anime, I've seen a few, and I'm excited for the next Avatar season, but that's not really an anime.
    Anyway, I'm really curious for your video right now. =P

    1. Ugh, sorry to keep you waiting so long for the video. I'm off to camp this week, though (see my next post), so I'm afraid you'll have to wait a little longer... D: Hopefully I can fix my computer. I'm really jealous of everyone here, because they ACTUALLY get to watch E3 live. I have to wait a whole 4 days to watch it. :/

      At least I'll get to see it, and in a way this'll build the suspense even more. Well, see you in a week. :P

  2. Wow, that's awesome that you're doing a compilation of all of the Zelda boss fights in every single game!!! That must've taken a LOT of time :)

    I am really excited for E3 and the Nintendo Direct with tons of Wii U news!!! Funny thing is, I'm actually going to be in Disneyland during E3, so I'll be a few hours away from LA, which is where E3 is, I believe. Yes, it is, I just double checked and looked it up :D

    As I've said before, I really really really really REALLY REALLY want some news on Zelda Wii U!!!! Some Super Smash Bros. and Wind Waker would be nice, too :) And some Mario Kart. :D I've heard rumors that Nintendo will probably show a lot more stuff and screenshots (I know, great wording :D) of Wind Waker, which would be stupid if they didn't. So, I'm pretty sure they will be.

    And I know this isn't really related to the topic, but I really enjoy watching Let's Plays by Chuggaaconroy on YouTube, and a new one came out like a half hour ago. And I was reading the comments and some people were like "Nintendo sucks, it's for babies, you should play CoD", and I'm just like, wow, I mean, you wait for the very second that someone uploads a new Nintendo video, and then you rant about how much Nintendo sucks. I just think that's stupid that someone would even care so much as to post a comment on something "they don't even care about" (major sarcasm). I ignore this kind of stuff, but, now that I think about it, the reason why I don't give a crap about CoD is because of the fanboys. Seriously. Okay, sorry, I'm just upset about how many comments I see on every Nintendo video about how CoD is so much better. If you have such a strong opinion about that, then why aren't you playing CoD all day instead of commenting on Nintendo videos about how much they suck? Okay, I'm done now. Just had to let that out :D

    Anyways, great post!!

    1. Yeah, it is taking a lot of time, which is why I'm taking so long to post it. :/

      Hopefully I'll get it up next week, though.

      I'd be screaming at the top of my lungs for, like, 5 days straight if they showed Zelda Wii U. Even a few screenshots would be really epic.

      That's cool that you watch him, I like Chuggaaconroy too. My friend showed him to me. I'm also watching the Versus of Ocarina of Time by JoshJepson and AttackingTucans, too. They can be pretty vulgar sometimes, though. :/ And no, that's not where I got the idea of racing my friend in OoT, I actually found out about this versus after we had the idea.

      I know what you mean by those trolls on YouTube. There are so, so many "Nintendo is gay" videos and comments out there, but I just try to ignore them. You really don't see many (if any) Nintendo fans going onto CoD videos or Halo videos commenting "This sucks" "Play our games, they're better" "I'm judging you as a person and insulting you just because of a game you play". I think that says something about who the better person actually is, and who the immature "baby" is. Just something to keep in mind. ;)

    2. Yes, definitely :) I never reply to those trolls, and sometimes I get annoyed when other people reply because that's exactly what the trolls want. They want to get attention and they want to get people mad. I hate trolls.

      Oh, that's cool that JoshJepson is doing a Verus of Ocarina of Time!!! I don't know who AttackingTucans is, but I like JoshJepson so maybe I'll check it out :)

      Also, have you heard of The Runaway Guys? The group consists of Chuggaaconroy, NintendoCapriSun (Tim? Yah, I think his name is Tim. Sorry, I totally blanked out, but I'm pretty sure it's Tim :D), and ProtonJon (Jon :D) and JoshJepson is a "guest" in a lot of their episodes. I think they are hilarious :) Sometimes they are kind of vulgar, but I still find them really funny.

      See ya!

    3. AttackingTucans is JoshJepson's friend. I'd never really heard of him either, but he's an LPer. He's kinda part of their community too.

      And no, I haven't heard of The Runaway Guys, but I HAVE heard of every single one of them individually. I've watched some of their videos too.

    4. Cool :) Yeah, I think they're hilarious!

      I always watch videos with headphones in, because my family gets annoyed listening to what I'm listening to. So, whenever I watch The Runaway Guys, at random times I'll start bursting out laughing, and my family just looks at me really weird. I don't know, maybe it's just me that thinks they're funny. But I love them :) I recommend watching their New Super Mario Bros. U Let's Play. They are freakin' hilarious :) Well, at least I think so.

  3. Interestingly, my sister has been telling me I should watch Angel Beats, too. XD Have you ever seen Madoka Magica? That's my favorite anime ever, and I don't watch much anime either, hahaha.

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    2. No, I haven't watched that. I'll have to give it a try. One of my best friends (the one I'm going to race OoT against, the one who loves Zelda, probably the one I talk about most on here) is also a huge anime fan, and he's the one I found out about Angel Beats (and most other animes that I haven't watched) through.