Saturday, August 31, 2013

A Link Between Worlds Box Art!!!! And school.....

Hi everybody!

I'm about to get into my thoughts on the ALBW box art, but first, yes, I do realize I've been gone for 23 days now.  But school has been really, really crazy, and I just haven't had much time recently. Between homework, debate team, band, working on my Eagle Scout project (yes, I'm a boy scout), cross country, and working at my new job, it's just been really crazy.  I'll definitely be more active, but it may come to the point where I can only post on weekends.  Sorry about that.

Now, onto more pleasant topics!

So, recently the box art for ALBW was released, and I just have to say, it looks stunning.  Absolutely amazing.

Typically, I'm kind of skeptical about the all-gold (or mostly gold) covers, but personally, I think this one looks great.

Oh, and see that Nintendo Network sign up in the top right?  That means it will have some kind of online feature!  I'll keep my fingers crossed that it's something more than a Miiverse-like feature, although even that would be kind of cool.

And now the official release date for North America is here: November 22nd!  That's less than three months away!  I really can't wait for this.

Oh, and Wind Waker HD will be here on September 20th!  The eShop version, that is.  The physical copies release on October 4th.  There's the regular version for $50, and there's also one that comes with an exclusive Ganondorf figurine, for $60.  Personally, I think I'll wait until I can get the Ganondorf figurine.  Plus, I prefer physical copies anyway.

And that's not all... they've also announced...

The Wind Waker HD/Wii U Bundle!!!!!

I really want that Gamepad.  Really,  REALLY badly.

So it comes with the EPIC looking Gamepad, the 32GB Wii U, a downloadable WW HD (though I do prefer the physical copy), and a downloadable copy of Hyrule Historia.

Now, I'm not really too sure about that last thing.  I mean, Hyrule Historia... downloadable?  On a screen?  I definitely much prefer the actual book itself in my hands.  I don't really know why, I'm just that way.

And that's not the only new console-related news...  Nintendo also announced...

THE 2DS!!!

Wait.... what?

Let me guess what you're thinking: (assuming you've never seen this before, which you probably have...) the design is horrendous!

I have to agree with that one, although I see why Nintendo made it this way.

The only reason Nintendo made this (as far as I know, anyway) is because it's intended for younger kids.  As we know, the 3D effects of the 3DS are discouraged for children under 7 years old, because it damages their eye growth or some other shenanigans.  Also, the hinged screen (apparently) breaks much more easily than this... block, even though I've never had that happen.  Which makes it more suitable for children.

Pretty much, this is supposed to be a cheaper alternative to the 3DS meant for younger children.

Oh, and apparently the speakers... oh, wait, I mean speaker... is mono (which is kind of self-explanatory, assuming you noticed it had only one speaker) instead of stereo.  No more hearing sounds from different directions... :(

That, along with the fact that the "two screens" are actually just one big touch screen separated by the outer casing, shows how much Nintendo is going for cheap-ness.  And I mean cheap as in price-cheap, not cheap as in... bad-quality cheap.  But the top screen is covered with a layer of glass (or something) to prevent it from actually being used as a touch screen, which I think is sad...  But I'm also glad that it's not, because then I'd really want one and I'd probably end up buying one (assuming they made 2-touch-screen games).



Oh, Four Swords.  I beat it.  With my friend, whatever his name is.  You know what, I keep forgetting his fake name I made, so I'll just call him by his real name.  Grant.  There, whatever.  It's not like he's reading this or anything....


I think...

That aside, it was a really fun game, though really short.  But I kind of expected it to be, so it didn't really let me down.  

And Oracle of Seasons, I just got to the Ancient Ruins, if you know where that is.

I really can't wait for A Link Between Worlds...


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  1. Hey! Sorry, I haven't been on your blog lately :) Like you, I've been super busy with soccer and other activities.

    I am super duper excited for Wind Waker HD and A Link Between Worlds!!! I agree with you that the box art for ALBW is amazingly awesome :D

    And dang, if I didn't have a Wii U already, I would definitely get the Wind Waker Wii U. As for the 2DS: I understand that they made it for children and such and it is a good idea, but the way it looks is just plain weird. I don't know, it's just kind of awkward looking to hold and it doesn't close and, yeah. :)

    Well, goodbye :)