Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Zelda Dungeon Marathon; Nintendo Direct!

Whoa!  This is my 50th post!  Yay....  I would have done something special if I had known in advance, but I didn't...

So, anyway, I've been watching the Zelda Dungeon Marathon, if you can't tell by the title.  They're playing EVERY Zelda game (even the CD-i ones), so it's a pretty big deal.  At the time of posting this they've beaten Phantom Hourglass and they just started Link's Awakening.  You can check it out here.

And we also had a Nintendo Direct today, that revealed much more information on Zelda than I expected.  First, I just want to show this video on A Link Between Worlds that was included in the Nintendo Direct.  Sorry I couldn't post the actual video, but I couldn't find the video on Youtube using Blogger's search thing.  I wish there was a way to post videos from a URL.

Anyway, at the beginning, Iwata talks about the "shadowy" Triforce in the A Link Between Worlds logo:

He says it "suggests the existence of another Triforce in a different world from where Link lives".  I think that sounds pretty awesome.  It would be a pretty cool story element to have some kind of Anti-Triforce in the Dark World, in my opinion.

Also, I have to say, my main concern for this game was that it would be kind of lame to play the game in the same world as A Link to the Past, since many people have already played that game and it would kind of take away from any possible exploration for those fans.  Well, I'm now reassured, because the video mentions that the Dark World will be entirely new, whereas the Light World will be the same.  I can settle for one world being new.

And to me, the Dark World looks AMAZING in this game.  The atmosphere is what really gets me, as it's a look I feel that they couldn't quite achieve with the Super Nintendo's hardware.

Oh, and those little drop-offs at the edge of parts of the map:

Imagine how cool that will look in 3D.  That picture doesn't quite do it justice, but it looks really cool in the video.

And the Pegasus Boots are back!  Finally!  I've always wondered what they would look like in a dop-down 3D game like PH/ST, and here we have them.  I'm excited for these to return.  I just love how Link skids a little when he's done running...  XD

And lastly, the transition between the Light and Dark Worlds looks cool... but kind of... I don't know... trippy, I guess?

Still cool, but kind of weird.

And last, I want to talk about The Wind Waker HD.  Specifically, the Triforce Chart Quest.  If you've played Wind Waker, you know that toward the end of the game there's a quest where you have to collect 8 Triforce Charts, or maps, and then get them "deciphered" by Tingle, and use them to find the specific locations in the sea where you need to get chests from the bottom of the ocean containing the Triforce Shards.

Now, it looks like this has been changed in WWHD.  Look at this picture:

Link is holding up a Triforce Shard, but he's on land.  Specifically, on land in the exact same place where you get one of the Triforce Chart.

So, if the video containing that picture in the Nintendo Direct is anything to go by, then it looks like Nintendo's skipping the entire section of getting the maps and just giving you the shards where you would have gotten the maps before.  I found that quest annoying, but games tend to have their share of annoying parts, so I'm not too sure about them changing this part of the game.

Well, at least it will be nice not to have to gather up all those dang rupees to pay Tingle to decipher my maps.

Well, that's all I wanted to post about today, so I'll see you later.  Bye!

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