Thursday, April 25, 2013

1,000 pageviews!

Yay!  Just today, or maybe yesterday, my blog passed 1,000 pageviews!  Yeah... probably not much to be proud of, but it's a start.  I found out that I'm getting a few views from Spain, France, and Germany. Hello!  I hope you're doing fine over there and Europe, and whatnot....

Anyway, I also see some from.... Romania, I think, and then a whole bunch from The Netherlands.

Not to mention the U.S., too.

And I'm up to three followers!  Well, really, more like two.  But still, yay!  ^^

Anyway, after that fairly pointless update on my blog's random statistics, I'm also here to say that ADVENTURE OF LINK IS FREAKING HARD.  Like, no joke.  It took me soooooooooo long to get past Death Mountain, and that's before I even got to the second dungeon.  Or palace, or whatever.  But it's really, really, REALLY hard.

I have a feeling that back then, since they didn't have very good graphics, they made up for that by making the game packed full of a load of impossible gameplay that made people want to bash in the drywall with large, metallic baseball bats.

So yeah, by now I'm on to the second palace.

Which, as I expected, is turning out to be harder than the first.

I've got to go now, though... sorry if this post was kind of short and disappointing.  I just felt like I had to post something celebrating my thousandth anniversary... or whatever you call this.

Bye!  ;)

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