Wednesday, April 17, 2013

ZELDA 3DS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


IT'S HERE!!!!!!





It was ANNOUNCED today!!!!!!!!  Along with a bunch (okay, only like a minute) of gameplay and some screenshots!  It's official.  I am getting a 3DS.  Just for this.  Seriously.  I've got to play every Zelda game, and my not having a 3DS isn't helping.


So yeah, it's a direct sequel to A Link to the Past.  It's a new game, but it has the same world.  It might get some changes, but it's overall mostly the same overworld.  But it's a new game, new story, new enemies, new characters, new bosses, new dungeons, new EVERYTHING!!!!!!!  OOOOH!  It's being released this Holiday 2013.

Oh I'm so excited.  Somehow I missed the day when Skyward Sword was announced, and didn't know about it until the next day, and for Spirit Tracks I was a week late.  So this is my first time knowing about a game on the first day!!!!!!

And it looks AMAZING.  It's sort of like a cartoon/plastic style.  And it's an overhead view, but since it's on the 3DS, they're doing a bunch of stuff to make like different floors and have more of a height perspective.  AND IT LOOKS AMAZING.  They'res also this item/ability where you can turn into a drawing on the wall for some puzzles, which brings back some of the side-scrolling in earlier Zeldas.

AND IT LOOKS AMAZING.  Also, in the video you can see that Link gets a hammer, and there is a magic (or maybe stamina) meter.

You can see the video here!

Ehm...  This isn't owned by me.  Property of Nintendo, and the original video can be found here.

The ZeldaDungeon article can be found here.

Doesn't that look awesome?  Some people don't like the graphics (I personally love them), but I think it's like the Wind Waker.  People don't like it at first, but when it settles in, people start to love it.  I think the graphics look sort of like a combination between PH/ST, and Mario.

Okay.  Time to convince my parents to let me buy a 3DS.  And to start saving up.  That, too.

BYE!!!!! :D



Oh, and the Oracles release on May 30th for the 3DS, too.  I'd be excited, but that's really kind of nothing next to a brand new Zelda game.


  1. I saw that on ZD! I think it's cool, but not really something I wanna play, to tell the truth. I just don't really like the graphics (at all) and i would like a break from somewhat-top-down gameplay. (reffering to PH and ST, but not the cutscenes) I'm just focused on saving up for Super Smash Bros. Universe, even though it probably won't be out in a while. I would like to see how Zelda 3DS is related to ALTTP though. I have heard that it is a great game (I'm still surprised how they could fit so much story into a small 2D top-down game...but then I think to Minish Cap) I can tell you're excited though!

    1. Yeah. PH and ST aren't my favorite games (although I still like them), but I think ALttP is really fun (I've played like 10 minutes of it). I hope this turns out well. That being said, I'm not sure about the graphics. I think it'll be interesting to see how they turn out.

      But I will be very upset if Zelda Wii U is top-down. That needs to be 3D.

      Like, 3D as in over-the-shoulder, not 3D like on the 3DS.

      I think that this overhead graphic style will work well for the 3DS, since you can actually tell height differences. If it wasn't a 3D console, I'd probably think otherwise. I can't wait for SSBU either, but I don't think it'll be coming out in a while. Like you said.