Monday, April 22, 2013

I beat The Legend of Zelda!!!

Whew.  I finally did it.

I beat the Legend of Zelda.  The game that started it all.

After my last post, the dungeons started getting harder.  Not incredibly hard, but harder.  Until I got to the seventh dungeon.  It took me sooooo long to beat that.  8 was medium, and then I arrived at Death Mountain.

This dungeon was long, but not too hard.  It was a little tricky finding the secret walls and stuff, but it wasn't too bad.  I only had to use one blue potion.  And then I found Ganon pretty easy.  I started the battle with 4 hearts, and I used another potion once, and I ended the battle only missing 3 hearts.  So it wasn't too bad.

But I'm still glad it was over.  Like likes constantly taking my magic shield was getting old, and fighting massive hordes of blue Darknuts wasn't very enjoyable either.

Needless to say, it was a relief when I delivered that final Silver Arrow to Ganon.

Now for Adventure of Link!!!!!!  This should be..... interesting...... *gulp*


  1. I remember the Darknuts in Minish Cap. They were the ONLY REASON I could never reach Zelda in time. Until, like, many tries later.
    One day I decided to watch a walkthrough (I have a habit of watching people play the games I haven't played yet) of AoL, and it seems bad. The gameplay is pretty much the (only?) reason because I HATE when I'm trying to get through the/an overworld but I keep running into not one enemy, but a SEQUENCE of enemies and it really annoys me. But I do enjoy leveling up!

    1. Let it be known that I'm playing it for the series' sake. Not for my enjoyment.

      I think it's actually kind of fun, when I'm not at a FREAKING IMPOSSIBLE PART (which happens to be, like, more than half of it).

      The overworld can be annoying, but that's why you stay on the paths when you can. Enemies can't make you fight them there.

      It reminds me of Pokemon, the way they run into you and bring you into a battle mode.

      It's really more like a crossover between Pokemon and side-scrolling Mario than it is like Zelda.

  2. I forgot to mention- Congrats on finishing LoZ! I would play it, but the GINORMOUS overworld would have drawn me CRAZY. Bye now!

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    3. (Sorry for the massive amount of deleted comments, I keep wanting to edit my comment, but I have to delete it instead.)

      The overworld's actually kind of small.

      It's the fact that there is NO map, and NO hints on where the heck to go to find a dungeon, that makes it seem huge.

      It's very hard to find your way around, to say the least.

      And this is kind of off-topic, but I just realized that both of our names end in 99. Weird.

      Oh, and nice profile picture, btw. ^^

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  4. Congratulations on beating the game. And good luck with AOL that game is IMPOSSIBLE!
    I haven´t played beyond the third dungeon in LOZ, because I died a lot in that game xD I just kept searching in the downleft corner (because I feel like I'm forgetting something there) but those darknuts are just ANNOYING! Ugh..
    I never have the time to sit down for games lately, school is a lot of work this year and that is effecting the number of games that I play.
    However Spring Break is coming up, then I finally have some time to clear the Stone Tower temple and to play my new Okami game ^^. I might just try LOZ again after that.

    1. Ha, thanks! I worked hard to beat it... some of those later dungeons surprised me. they were actually pretty hard.

      I manage to fit in games, because... well, I tend to do some homework at school, during my other classes. And the homework I don't finish at school, I tend to put off until the very last minute. Probably not a very good habit, but whatever. I really didn't spend that much time on LoZ, maybe 4 or 5 hours total.

      Lucky you! I had Spring Break 3 weeks ago... -_-

      Good luck with the Stone Tower Temple.... it's really hard, but the rest of the game after that is fun. And have fun with Okami; I beat it recently. It's a lot of fun.