Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year's!!!

Hey, guys... (or girls... I guess it depends on who is reading this...).  Anyway, happy New Year!  I just created this blog, so I don't have any/many followers yet.  So yes, I decided to make this blog just to share my thoughts and stuff with other people.  So, getting started, this past year has (sadly) been quite a boring year for Zelda-related stuff.  No new games, and NO Zelda announcements at E3.  :'(   However, I did just get a Wii U recently, along with Nintendo Land.  I have to say, it exceeds my expectations (both the Wii U and the game.)  One of my favorite attractions in the game is Battle Quest, the Zelda-themed game.  (In case you don't know, Nintendo Land has 12 different mini-games, each based off of a Nintendo game series.)  It is pretty late at night, or should I say early in the morning, so I'm sorry, but I won't be writing much for my first post.  Stay tuned, though, as I hope to be back ASAP.  Goodbye, for now.       :)

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