Tuesday, January 22, 2013

One more week!

It's officially here!!!  Well... almost.  One week left, guys!  I remember back in 2012, around September, I found out they were releasing Hyrule Historia in the U.S.  I thought, "Ugh, that's so long away.  I wonder if I should get it..."  Well, here we are now.  I've preordered mine, how about you?  Are you excited for Hyrule Historia?  I am!  Sadly, it will come in the mail, so I won't get it on release date.  Hey, at least I'm getting it!  I got the normal edition, not the limited.  I personally like the green cover more, and while the golden pages seemed nice, I don't think it's worth twice the money.  (Was it twice?  Can't remember.  It was definitely a good bit more.)  Anyway, I'm happy with the standard edition.  I'll probably do one more post on the content in Hyrule Historia before it comes out, so stay tuned.

Well, I'm certainly excited, but how about you?  Are you getting it?  Standard/limited?  Tell me in the comments!

Till next time.  ;)

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